I Lose Myself

I Lose Myself

It's when I'm selfish that I lose myself. 
It's when I'm self-centered that I am the most alone. 
Because when I'm focused on myself, I don't see anyone else.
Escaping such a state could be considerably difficult, 
for I have become so short sighted I can't even see the starting line.
-O. Louise

Putting Ourselves Aside

The text written above is an excerpt from a poem I wrote awhile back. They are ugly words, but those words are also an important part of a bigger thought process. A world centered on one person is a small place. As human beings are social creatures it is natural for us to benefit from interacting with others. We have all heard it a million times, the golden rule, do unto others… We tend to forget, we can actually prosper and improve on our own lives by helping out someone else and considering their needs.

The Lone Clover @ctw_photography_

I know I am not a poet, but you might be. Send us something that you would like to share to radiantlybrave@gmail.com and it might be featured in a future post!

Olivia is an eclectic creativity enthusiast. A teacher by profession, but an aspiring storyteller on occasion. Her super power is her compassion.


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